After collecting equipment for IDF soldiers, we have taken on our next mission>>

We at Sulamot, under the leadership of Rav Rimon, have taken it upon ourselves to assist the rehabilitation of Gaza envelope communities that are now scattered all over Israel. We are with them in their crisis and devastation, right up until they return to their homes, b’ezrat Hashem.

Personal Assistance

For all members of Gaza envelope communities:

La’Ofek will help all interested individuals secure temporary employment

Community Assistance

A focused, sensitive response to the communities’ needs will be provided, through direct contact with members of each one, via three channels:



Facilitated ongoing connection, interaction, and assistance between Diaspora Jewish communities and the affected Israeli communities


Immediate assistance to provide for financial needs


Tailored resilience plans for each community, developed with an organizational consultant

These individualized plans will help communities return to their homes with a strong and united spirit


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This is our chance to wrap these communities in a supportive embrace, from all the people of Israel.

Together, we will win!